Who we are - Improov

About Improov

At Improov, people are at the forefront of each decision. We have supported more than 40,000 participants and hundreds of businesses across Canada, always keeping people at the center of our attention.

​Through the mastery of technological tools, we help our participants regain control over their professional activities, master their schedules and make better decisions. The objective of all these efforts is to participate in improving the quality of life of our participants in addition to the quality of the work accomplished.

Our proven pedagogical approach, through a journey in interactive groups with a certified trainer, promotes optimal learning that easily adapts to everyone’s busy schedules. The dynamic of each training is motivating and inspiring.​

Our Commitment​

Transformative efficiency.​

Our Mission​

Bring each professional to express their full potential for efficiency with technological tools, to optimize their productivity and their life balance.

Our Vision​

Through our transformative efficiency approach, we aspire to be the reference in high quality training for businesses and professionals everywhere.​

Our Values


Agility at Improov is manifested by:​

  • Our flexibility and our ability to personalize both our offers and our pedagogical approach;
  • Our efforts to provide a work environment that adapts to the different lifestyles and personalities of our employees;
  • Our promise to offer personalized support to companies and participants, going well beyond the delivery of training.


At Improov, we cultivate kindness by:

  • The desire to always go beyond our promises for everyone: customers, partners, employees, community, world;
  • Our ambition to respond diligently to the needs of our customers;
  • Our belief in the magic of generosity through concrete gestures of support to communities.


We want excellence to be reflected in each of our actions:

  • We attach great importance to each of our achievements, to each of the courses given, down to the smallest detail;
  • To constantly question our ways of doing things and take each feedback as an opportunity to offer better;
  • To end each day satisfied with our accomplishments.

Creative Dynamism

Through our training and our corporate culture:

  • We cultivate commitment, motivation and creativity in our daily lives;
  • We share this same commitment, motivation and creativity through the training we give;
  • We face each challenge and each new request with excitement and enthusiasm, seeing them as opportunities to make the world a better place all the time.