Launch of the Effi-Science Masterclasses - Improov

The new Effi-Science course allows you to conduct a complete reflection of your work habits. You will be able to clarify your goals and objectives, as well as perfect the management of your time and the organization of your technological environment.

The Effi-Science track includes 5 modules of master classes. Each module starts with a workshop and continues with 10 days of practical work, in our new learning platform, with follow-up by a coach.

Each module can be purchased separately, however you will require purchasing the first module which provides the foundation required to start the course.

Effi-Science: an innovative method of learning while having fun

The Effi-Science course is powered by a platform that allows us to stay in touch with you continuously. We accompany you every day, encouraging you, answering your questions and congratulating you. Learning will become a pleasure.

Here is what you can expect with this new course:

  • The entire course lasts 3 months instead of one month – less weekly time dedicated to your training!
  • Exercises in the new learning platform – more engaging and more content!
  • Participants followed by a coach – more personalized!
  • Live workshops of 120 minutes every 2 weeks – more support to achieve your goals!
  • Each module can be purchased separately – more flexibility!

The Effi-Science modules

absolute efficiency improov training professional
Module 1: EFFI-SCIENCE - Professional Efficiency (required)
  • Discover the 4 axes to easily save time
  • Understand the winning structure for creating ambitious goals and objectives
  • The difference between goals, objectives and tasks of an effective individual
  • Measurable and structuring objectives
  • Concrete actions and tasks
  • Control deployment steps
  • Obtain feedback from an IMPROOV coach as well as collaboration with the participant community
  • Do a self-assessment of your technological skills and create a personalized development plan
absolute efficiency improov training time management
Module 2: EFFI-SCIENCE - mastering your time
  • Know more about the 4 axes to easily save time
  • Get used to the 5 laws of time management and the pitfalls that will distract you from your focus
  • Awareness of how you manage your agenda
  • The difference between the urgency and the importance of your actions
  • Link your goals and objectives to an action plan that inspires and empowers you
  • The difference between urgency, importance and impact on your decisions
  • Do a self-assessment of your current time management and address the critical points to free up valuable time on a daily basis
absolute efficiency improov training credibility
Module 3: EFFI-SCIENCE – Your credibility score
  • Deepen one of the axes to save time: influence and communication

  • Know the 5 mistakes that negatively influence your CREDITbility with those around you

  • Understand time wasters and how to master them for good (3R system)

  • Methods to create a solid daily plan

  • Understand the concept of CREDITbility and understand the impacts for your efficiency

  • Your relationship to punctuality and transforming it to add ease to your life

absolute efficiency improov training technological environment
Module 4: EFFI-SCIENCE - Technological environment
  • Discover the impact of modern work systems on your efficiency

  • Increase your focus by taking control of daily interruptions

  • Understand the role of modern tools in order to optimize your daily efficiency

  • Install the O.R.D.R.E. system

absolute efficiency improov training sustainable habits
Module 5: EFFI-SCIENCE – Your new sustainable habits
  • Discover what creates a habit and how to take control of it

  • The power of compound interest applied to human development

  • Master the sequence of creating a habit and adapt it to your environment

  • The support to get help in establishing these new habits