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Available grants:

*Quebec and Canadian companies only.
1) Obligations of organizations with payroll of 2 million +

Are you an employer with an annual payroll of more than two million dollars?

If yes, you must:

    • Invest, during the same calendar year, the equivalent of at least 1% of your annual payroll in training activities aimed at developing the skills of your staff;
    • Declare the amount invested to the Quebec Revenue Agency.

Information here:

Improov training approval number: 0054855

2) Grants of Emploi Québec

Workforce training measure

Some members of your staff would benefit from training in order to do their job properly and keep their jobs? The workforce training measure for companies aims to support the development of skills for people at risk of losing their jobs. This program could also help you maintain the expertise in place in your business.

You could get technical or financial assistance to

    • define your training needs;
    • carry out your training project;
    • evaluate the effectiveness of the training received.

Who are eligible employers?

All employers located in Quebec can participate in this program, with the exception of public bodies and political organizations.

How it works?

You must demonstrate that the training activity

    • keeps people employed;
    • allows you to increase the performance of your workers;
    • is transferable to other members of your staff to increase mobility within your company.

This program is funded by the Labor Market Development Fund.

How to participate?

Contact the Services Québec office in your area. Find the office here:

General information:



3) Grant that funds the cost of tailored AI training (Private lessons only)

When an organization adopts new AI tools, it needs to hone the skills of its team accordingly. Scale AI offers grants that fund the costs for selected organizations to train their teams through bespoke digital intelligence programs.

Take advantage of financial resources to hone digital intelligence skills with up to 85% funding for the first $100,000 of tailored training in the field.

Information here:


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