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Effi-Science – Efficiency masterclass (full training)

Mastering the science of being efficient with clarity, energy and influence


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The Effi-Science course is a complete reflection on your work habits!

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This course includes the 5 modules of the Effi-Science’s masterclasses. Each module begins with a workshop and continues with 10 days of practical work, in the learning platform, with follow-up by a coach.

Here are the 5 modules of the course:

– EFFI-SCIENCE – Introduction to Effi-Science
– EFFI-SCIENCE – Invest your time wisely
– EFFI-SCIENCE – Your credibility rating
– EFFI-SCIENCE – Master your technological environment
– EFFI-SCIENCE – Create sustainable habits

Regardless of your work environment and your experience, this training will allow you to gain in efficiency, organize your tasks and prioritize them in a logical and clear way.

Participants who complete this training feel more confident, improve their sense of accomplishment at the end of their day, and see impacts in all areas of their lives.


We offer private lessons. Contact us for more information.

What you will learn

  • Clarify your ultimate destination while linking it to your short-term goals and your daily tasks;
  • Freeing up the time necessary to achieve your individual goals;
  • Develop a solid reputation as someone who speaks and has integrity;
  • Master your technological environment in order to handle the levers of efficiency with ease;
  • Create habits that will last and that will deeply transform you;
  • Constant support to help turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.


Effi-Science - Introduction to Effi-Science (required)
EFFI-SCIENCE - Invest your time wisely
EFFI-SCIENCE – Your credibility rating
EFFI-SCIENCE - Master your technological environment
EFFI-SCIENCE - Create sustainable habits
workshop with trainer + exercises in the learning platform
workshop with trainer + exercises in the learning platform
workshop with trainer + exercises in the learning platform
workshop with trainer + exercises in the learning platform
workshop with trainer + exercises in the learning platform
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes
Module 1: EFFI-SCIENCE - Introduction to Effi-Science

Introduction to the concepts of modern personal efficiency for any professional who wants to save time.

  • Discover the 4 axes to easily save time;
  • Understand the winning structure for creating ambitious goals and objectives;
  • The difference between goals, objectives and tasks of an effective individual;
  • Measurable and structuring objectives;
  • Concrete actions and tasks;
  • Control deployment steps;
  • Obtain feedback from an IMPROOV coach as well as collaboration with the participant community;
  • Do a self-assessment of your technological skills and create a personalized development plan.
Module 2: EFFI-SCIENCE - Invest your time wisely

Discover the concepts to master your time, your schedule and the decisions necessary to conquer daily challenges.

  • Know more about the 4 axes to easily save time
  • Get tused to the 5 laws of time management and the pitfalls that will distract you from your focus
  • Awareness of how you manage your agenda  
    • The concept: “time is related to your energy” and how it impacts your schedule
    • Taking control of your decisions 168 hours a week
  • The difference between the urgency and the importance of your actions
    • The Eisenhower grid revisited
    • Identify your time wasters
    • Understand your reaction to emergencies and stop being a FIREMAN
    • The concept of 3F activities – and thus recover several hours each week
  • Link your goals and objectives to an action plan that inspires and empowers you
    • Set aside time to accomplish your goals
    • Stop depending on others and being afraid of the unexpected
    • Investing in your future and in great human relationships
  • The difference between urgency, importance and impact on your decisions
  • Do a self-assessment of your current time management and address the critical points to free up valuable time on a daily basis

Lead, plan

  • Create thoughtful and coherent Checklists, Reminders
  • Anticipate and dominate the unexpected
                      Module 3: EFFI-SCIENCE – Your credibility rating

                      Understand the importance of being trustworthy and the implications for your community.

                      • Deepen one of the axes to save time: influence and communication
                      • Know the 5 mistakes that negatively influence your CREDITbility with those around you
                      • Understand time wasters and how to master them for good (3R system).
                        • Create a time budget that you can control and that fits your role
                        • The 4 perspectives to reduce time-wasters permanently
                      • Methods to create a solid daily plan
                        • The TOP 6 method and revolutionize your start to the day
                        • The choice of tools to create your plan easily
                      • Understand the concept of CREDITbility and understand the impacts for your efficiency
                        • The science of speaking and influencing when you have a high credit score
                        • How to increase your credit score and thus improve your collaboration with your colleagues
                        • How to restore a low credit score that impacts you negatively
                      • Your relationship to punctuality and transforming it to add ease to your life
                      Module 4: EFFI-SCIENCE - Master your technological environment

                      Pilot your daily activities with power and precision.

                      • Discover the impact of modern work systems on your efficiency
                        • Reduce stress, dispersion and forgetfulness
                        • Go around the pitfalls that prevent you from performing on a daily basis
                        • Discover solutions to transform these impacts into efficiency opportunities
                      • Increase your focus by taking control of daily interruptions
                        • Create a strong and proven triage system
                        • Adjust your environment and add alarms at the right times
                        • Create blocks of O.R.D.R.E. and creation that allow you to achieve your goals
                      • Understand the role of modern tools in order to optimize your daily efficiency
                        • Choose the right tracking tool and interface that will work for you
                        • Distinguish between each tool and its place in a complete system
                        • Use the right communication tools and share this philosophy with your loved ones
                      • Install the O.R.D.R.E.
                        • Adapt the method for your electronic and physical environments
                        • Integrate electronic systems into different applications
                      Module 5: EFFI-SCIENCE – Create sustainable habits

                      The art of creating the environment that will allow you to integrate your new knowledge into concrete and lasting habits.

                      • Discover what creates a habit and how to take control of it
                        • The link between your habits and basic human needs
                        • The different sources of your habits and how to create a new one
                        • What triggers these habits and how to break the streak to get new results
                      • The power of compound interest applied to human development
                      • Master the sequence of creating a habit and adapt it to your environment
                        • The 3 keys to mastering the creation of a new habit
                        • The link between inspirational goals and lasting habits
                      • The support to get help in establishing these new habits
                        • Support from the coaching team to answer your questions
                        • Phenomenal contribution from the community to accelerate awareness and inspiration
                        • Resources developed for continuous development

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