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Strengthen your Excel knowledge (Level 1)

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Learn the basic concepts, tools and functions to create reliable and efficient Excel files


Our first Excel class is the gateway to learning this exceptional software in a professional manner. Once mastered, Excel becomes a creative, fun and remarkably efficient program. A user who has received structured training from an Improov instructor can easily see their efficiency more than double. This is why it is one of the most profitable software programs with which to be taught.

This class is not only for Excel beginners. It also allows users with a little more experience to get up to speed and to have all the necessary bases and knowledge to pursue their development. Through learning a carefully selected set of concepts and tools, the participant will gain the confidence and efficiency to create professional Excel files.

The training is offered as a hybrid program that combines learning with videos and workshops offered by an online instructor. The videos emphasize practice with carefully selected exercise files. They allow participants to learn at their own pace. The workshops are unique, structured and motivating. They allow participants to integrate their knowledge into one stimulating project, guided by an expert who can also answer questions.

Our free 20-minute assessment lets us see exactly at which level the future participant is, and also in which modules the participant’s weaknesses lie. For groups, we provide an evaluation report that highlights strengths and weaknesses in the various themes of our Excel development plan, allowing you to choose the most appropriate plan of instruction.


We offer private lessons. Contact us for more information.

What you will learn

  • Best practices and good work habits in Excel
  • Handling arithmetic formulas and basic functions
  • Fundamental concepts such as how dates work
  • Several essential tools such as sorts and filters
  • Producing reliable, reusable and quality files
  • Becoming more efficient and comfortable with Excel


Workshop 1
The foundations of Excel
Functions and formulas
Data management
Layout and protection
Workshop 2
With expert trainer
10 accompanying videos
9 accompanying videos
9 accompanying videos
10 accompanying videos
With expert trainer
90 minutes
60 minutes
70 minutes
60 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

Niveau 1

Workshop 1

In Workshop 1, you will build a full-fledged Excel project around a concrete situation. Workshop 1 is not a series of exercises, but rather a large Excel project that will continue through the end of Workshop 2. In 90 minutes, you will learn how to work efficiently with the software as well as various tips, shortcuts and best practices to work efficiently while creating a professional Excel template.

Module 1: the foundations of Excel
  • Introduction to Module 1
  • 1.01 – Launching
  • 1.02 – Interface and vocabulary
  • 1.03 – Ribbon
  • 1.04 – Data entry and format
  • 1.05 – Select, insert and delete
  • 1.06 – Cells formating
  • 1.07 – Status bar
  • 1.08 – Saving
Module 2: functions and formulas
  • Introduction to Module 2
  • 2.01 – References
  • 2.02 – Formulas
  • 2.03 – SUM() function
  • 2.04 – AVERAGE() function
  • 2.05 – MIN() and MAX() functions
  • 2.06 – ROUND() function
  • 2.07 – Introduction to COUNT() functions
  • 2.08 – Error messages
  • 2.09 – Practice exercises
Module 3: data management
  • Introduction to Module 3
  • 3.01 – Notes and comments
  • 3.02 – Copying and incrementing
  • 3.03 – Absolute and relative references
  • 3.04 – Copy and paste
  • 3.05 – Find and replace
  • 3.06 – Sorting
  • 3.07 – Filters
  • 3.08 – Grouping
Module 4: layout and protection
  • Introduction to Module 4
  • 4.01a – Page layout part 1
  • 4.01b – Page layout part 2
  • 4.02 – Display options
  • 4.03a – Workbook protection
  • 4.03b – Worksheet protection
  • 4.04 – Worksheets management
  • 4.05 – Options
  • Level 1 Conclusion
Workshop 2

In Workshop 2, you will continue the project started in Workshop 1. The level of difficulty of the concepts and tools used will be increased. You will apply some of the elements covered in the videos in a different way to improve your comfort level. You will feel comfortable with Excel and understand how to automate tasks through this reliable, professional and reusable template project.

Testimonials from the Improov community

5.0 254 reviews

  • Avatar Isabelle Reid ★★★★ il y a un mois
    Une équipe compétente, efficace et dynamique qui appuie sa formation avec des outils pertinents pour faciliter l'apprentissage aux plus débutants d'entre nous. Les vidéos de révision sont bien produits et renforcent la compréhension … More de la matière.
    Et que dire de leur coordonnatrice, Stéphanie, une précieuse collaboratrice !!!
  • Avatar Anne Bergeron ★★★★★ il y a 3 mois
    J’ai réalisé une formation avec Improov. Le contenu m’a été très utile pour accroître le volet efficacité et gestion du temps. Une formation très intéressante et bien présentée.
  • Avatar Adrien Meziane ★★★★★ il y a un mois
    J'ai suivi la formation Outlook avec Benoît Parent qui a été d'une grande qualité. J'ai révolutionné le traitement de mes emails et la planification de mes tâches. Je remercie Improov pour la construction de ses formations … More qui sont claires, d'un bon format et concentrées sur la pratique pour mettre en oeuvre rapidement des améliorations de son quotidien. A bientôt sur d'autres sujets

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