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Excel: Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX

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Learn how to use Power Pivot and the basics of Power Query and DAX to manage large amounts of data from multiple sources.


The Excel Advanced Level on Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX is an introduction to Excel’s most powerful analytical tools. The Excel user who works with multiple data sources and large data sets will see a significant increase in productivity and quality of reports. This level allows you to become more comfortable with the pivot table tools and turn them into interactive dashboards, as well as discovering the power of the Power Pivot extension. It is a gateway to Microsoft’s new analytical tools and new ways of managing data.

At this level, you’ll learn how to join multiple data sources to make dashboards. You will also discover how to fetch data from multiple sources and schedule manipulations of that data with Power Query. You will also get a taste of the computational power of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to create complex calculations that are not accessible with basic pivot tables.

This level is offered in 3 workshops of 2 hours each, online with expert instructors. It requires a commitment from the participants because of the intensity of its content, both during and between workshops. In order to stay on track, they will need to ensure that they have fully integrated the first two workshops before moving on to the third. Even if this level is demanding, the benefits it will bring are worth it and any advanced Excel user will find it worthwhile.


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  • Producing interactive and professional dashboards
  • Joining multiple data sources with Power Pivot
  • Automating the import of data tables with Power Query
  • Understanding basic concepts and best practices in databases
  • Using DAX metrics to generate complex calculations


Power Pivot and dashboards
Databases, Power Query and DAX
DAX measures
Workshop with instructor
Workshop with instructor
Workshop with instructor
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes

Excel: Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX

Workshop 1: Power Pivot and Dashboards
  • Essential concepts and best practices in databases
  • Introduction to the data model
  • Joining data from multiple sources in Power Pivot
  • Creating an interactive dashboard from these multiple sources
  • Joining multiple sources to slicers and timelines
  • Pivot charts
Workshop 2: Databases, Power Query and DAX
  • Using Power Query to automate importation of and normalize data
  • Understanding the different tools in Power Query to manipulate data
  • In-depth understanding of table relationships and filter direction
  • Basic concepts of DAX and Power Pivot measures
  • Differentiating between calculated columns and DAX measures
Workshop 3: DAX measures
  • Best practices for creating DAX measures
  • Linking data with RELATED and RELATEDTABLE
  • Aggregation DAX functions: SUMX, AVERAGEX, COUNTX, etc.
  • Enhancing filtering capabilities with FILTER
  • Creating versatile, reusable and powerful analyses


5.0 240 reviews

  • Avatar Jeffrey Vaillancourt ★★★★★ il y a 10 mois
    This was a very useful training! I have feel I am more productive with the skills I picked up in this course. Benoit was great and very personable.
  • Avatar Corinne Dulude ★★★★★ il y a 9 mois
    François is knowledgeable and understood what I needed in the one-on-one hour I won with him. Can't wait to practice all the best practices I've learned. Thank you!
  • Avatar Chris Wonnell ★★★★★ il y a 10 mois
    Francois and Improov helped me stay organized professionally (Gmail), and understand how to use Google Drive. The virtual training sessions were clear, concise, and informative. I would recommend training with Improov.

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