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Excel: Advanced Functions and Formulas

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Learn the functions used by the experts and combine them to solve an impressive number of problems


The Excel Advanced Level on Formulas and Functions is for people who want to automate just about any calculation and problem using Excel functions. You will learn a multitude of new functions and how to combine them to solve problems that most Excel users would not think they could solve with them. The participant completing this advanced level will have all the tools to work magic with Excel’s formulas and functions, as well as continuing to learn on their own. Programming functions and formulas at this level is a pleasure to discover and allows for efficiency gains, unparalleled quality analysis and the ability to automate just about any calculation.

At this level, you will learn the usefulness of functions such as INDIRECT, INDEX, ADDRESS and many others. You will learn how to combine them in various ways and even make what is called in Excel jargon, “mega-formulas”. You will understand and learn how Excel’s array calculation can be used to calculate just about anything, in any way. Unlike the vast majority of users, you will understand the convenience of the brand-new array calculation engine that Excel has been using since 2019.

This level is offered in 3 online workshops of 2 hours, with an expert instructor. It requires a commitment from the participants because of the intensity of its content, both during and between workshops. In order to stay on track, they will need to ensure that they have fully integrated the first two workshops before moving on to the third. Even though this level is demanding, the benefits it will provide are worth it and any advanced Excel user will find it worthwhile.

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What you will learn

  • Best practices and good work habits in Excel
  • Handling arithmetic formulas and basic functions
  • Fundamental concepts such as how dates work
  • Several essential tools such as sorts and filters
  • Producing reliable, reusable and quality files
  • Becoming more efficient and comfortable with Excel


Advanced and embedded functions
Reference and logic functions
Functions, formulas and matrix calculations
Workshop with an Instructor
Workshop with an Instructor
Workshop with an Instructor
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes

Testimonials from the Improov community

5.0 240 reviews

  • Avatar Anne Bergeron ★★★★★ il y a moins d'une semaine
    J’ai réalisé une formation avec Improov. Le contenu m’a été très utile pour accroître le volet efficacité et gestion du temps. Une formation très intéressante et bien présentée.
  • Avatar Geneviève Jodoin ★★★★★ il y a 2 mois
    Superbe expérience d'apprentissage. Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir lors de nos séances. Un service de haute qualité. Je recommande sans hésitation.
  • Avatar Nathalie Caron ★★★★★ il y a 2 mois
    Bonne formation, permet d'apprendre de nouvelles astuces. Il faut bien entendu adapter tout ceci à nos méthodes de travail et de gestion du temps.

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