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The Microsoft 365 environment is not just a suite of applications. It is probably the most complete enterprise solutions platform available. Many of its applications are available both locally and online or even on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Microsoft 365 is also a number of powerful tools for collaboration, communication and management of work teams such as Outlook, Teams and SharePoint.
Master Microsoft 365 applications and use it to its full potential. Discover tips and tricks from our experts, become efficient, organized and confident.

Welcome to the EFFI-Classe on Microsoft 365

Dive into the world of Microsoft 365 with our tailor-made training at IMPROOV, designed to unleash the full power of this iconic suite for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Fully leverage tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams to revolutionize your work environment.

Why Choose the EFFI-Classe on Microsoft 365?

Tailored Training: Each session is customized to precisely meet the needs of your business, ensuring a deeply personal and immediately applicable learning experience.
Practical Methods: Engage in interactive exercises and case studies that demonstrate how Microsoft 365 can simplify collaboration, communication, and daily task management.
Deep Expertise: Our Microsoft 365 specialized trainers offer not just technical mastery but also practical strategies for effectively integrating these tools into your workflows.
Transform Your SME with Microsoft 365

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Discover how to facilitate communication and collaboration among your teams, regardless of their location, using tools like Teams and SharePoint.
Automation and Efficiency: Learn to automate processes and use Excel’s formulas and macros to increase operational efficiency.
Enhanced Security: Benefit from top-tier security with advanced options for identity and access management, ensuring that your and your clients’ data remain protected.
The EFFI-Classe on Microsoft 365 at IMPROOV is designed to enable your SME not just to keep up but to stay ahead of the competition by maximizing efficiency and innovation. Take the step towards improved productivity and smarter management with Microsoft 365.