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Teams Efficlass

Master the Microsoft Teams environment for your organization


2 workshops


20 Video




Organize your collaboration spaces in a useful and efficient way in Teams and considerably reduce the overload of your internal emails.


Microsoft Teams has recently seen its usage increase like never before. In a short time, work habits have completely changed. Workers now need a flexible work environment and powerful collaboration tools wherever they are. When mastered, Microsoft Teams is a solution that greatly simplifies the lives of its users. It facilitates teamwork and collaboration and also conceals a multitude of secrets.

Although Microsoft Teams is user-friendly and seemingly simple to use, it has many features to discover. It’s important to understand when and how to use the app’s various means of communication, including video conferencing, instant messaging, chat, and channel collaboration. Teams is also a tool for managing work teams and transmitting information through Wiki or OneNote tools.

At the end of this training, the participant will know how to manage Teams and its various aspects. He will be in control of his collaboration environment, will know when to use the different modes of communication of the application and will become a confident, organized and efficient collaborator.


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  • Enrich your ability to use Teams on a daily basis
  • Boost and structure collaboration in your teams
  • Maintain a good work dynamic
  • Drastically reduce unnecessary emails in your organization
  • Ensure the security of your files and documents


A good start with Teams
Teams essentials
Managing Teams like a pro
Organize, lead and attend meetings
Workshop with instructor
10 accompanying videos
10 accompanying videos
Workshop with instructor
90 minutes
60 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

Teams Like a Pro

Workshop 1 : A Good Start with Teams

Meet your trainer and discover the power of this tool, while understanding its impact on collaboration. Discover the range of possibilities and organize your work structure with a multitude of tips and tricks.

Module 1 : Teams Essentials

1.01 – Your layout overview 

1.02 – Differenciate activities and conversations 

1.03 – Create a conversation group 

1.04 – Create your own team 

1.05 – Use multiple functions with your team 

1.06 – Efficiently manage your team structure 

1.07 – Modify your status 

1.08 – Use alerts, mentions and notifications 

1.09 – Manage your contacts 

Module 2 : Managing Teams Like a Pro

2.01 -Share a team ownership

2.02 – Manage the sections

2.03 – Make a great Teams structure

2.04 – Information and notification management

2.05 – Collaborate with ease

2.06 – Use keyboard shortcuts

2.07 – Use the Wiki

2.08 – Add applications to Teams

2.09 – Work with video calls

2.10 – Make efficient searches

Workshop 2 : Organize, lead and attend meetings

Now that your teams are structured and your work is organized, it is time to put these new skills into practice to finally organize structured meetings. Implement effective meeting organization methods and be the cornerstone of effective and productive meetings.


5.0 313 reviews

  • Avatar Jeffrey Vaillancourt ★★★★★ il y a 2 années
    This was a very useful training! I have feel I am more productive with the skills I picked up in this course. Benoit was great and very personable.
  • Avatar Corinne Dulude ★★★★★ il y a 2 années
    François is knowledgeable and understood what I needed in the one-on-one hour I won with him. Can't wait to practice all the best practices I've learned. Thank you!
  • Avatar Chris Wonnell ★★★★★ il y a 2 années
    Francois and Improov helped me stay organized professionally (Gmail), and understand how to use Google Drive. The virtual training sessions were clear, concise, and informative. I would recommend training with Improov.

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