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Power Automate Efficlass

The powerful tool that allows anyone to create automated processes without needing any coding skills or IT background.


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Uncover a tool that automates your business processes and gets your applications talking to each other and performing tasks in the background… all so you can focus on the strategic tasks.

A study found that the average amount of time each person wastes in a work week on repetitive tasks that could be automated is close to 40%. Most don’t have an understanding of how to properly create the systems needed to automate and so they continue to do these tasks again and again, over and over.

Often IT departments are overworked and do not have the time or resources to put towards creating automated solutions for these everyday problems because their focus is on the larger and more complex IT issues within a company. Thanks to Microsoft Power Automate, you can now create your own automated processes without ever needing an IT background or knowledge of coding!

This course will introduce you to the Power Automate platform and show you how to easily create flows that will automate some of the common processes causing the frustrations most of today’s employees are facing in the workplace.


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What you will learn

  • Uncover what is possible with the Power Automate platform and become comfortable using it.
  • Develop flows that will reduce common workplace time wasters and frustrations.
  • Understand how to utilize and customize the templates to work for your individual workplace challenges.
  • Discover how to share flows and collaborate with other members of your team to solve team challenges and issues.


The Magic of Power Automate’s IT Assistant
Your Productivity Toolbelt
group Workshop with instructor
group Workshop with instructor
90 minutes
90 minutes
Module 1: The Magic of Power Automate’s IT Assistant

Goal / Outcome:  Understand the impact of Power Automate and begin to save time with automated shortcuts for repetitive tasks


  • An Overview of Power Automate
    • Allows those with little to no IT expertise to create technological processes to solve their business process frustrations
  • Why Automate
    • Saves time spent on repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic work
    • Increases productivity
    • Frees up company IT resources for the more complex IT issues
  • A tour of Power Automate
    • Triggers
    • Actions
    • Connectors
    • Types of Flows (we will mostly focus on the first 3)
      • Automated cloud flow
      • Instant cloud flow
      • Scheduled cloud flow
      • Desktop flow
      • Business process flow
  • Getting started with flows – demonstration of 5 flows for repetitive tasks
Module 2: Your Productivity Toolbelt

Goal / Outcome:  Improve productivity with these 5 simple flows everyone should know


  • Overview of the previous workshop and discussion of homework
  • The 5 Flows everyone should know – demonstration of additional flows
  • Managing your flows
    • Editing, repairing, sharing, etc.
  • Analyzing your flows
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