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OneDrive and SharePoint Simplyclass

Discover these cloud-based file saving and sharing tools of Microsoft 365


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Collaborate and manage your files with OneDrive and SharePoint


The transition from traditional document management to that used in OneDrive and SharePoint can be confusing. These two new cloud tools from Microsoft 365 are often misunderstood and used like the old document management tools. Yet they offer new benefits, better collaboration opportunities and increased security.

This training will first clarify what cloud computing is and explain the differences between OneDrive and SharePoint. You will discover all the possibilities these applications, together with their interfaces, can offer. You will learn how to manage your files and folders and synchronize them with your computer. You will also discover various ways to share information and documents to get the most from these new technologies.

At the end of this training, the participant will feel comfortable and confident using OneDrive and SharePoint. They will be able to share and collaborate more effectively by taking advantage of the new features available.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to change your life!


  • Understanding of cloud computing and the differences between OneDrive and Sharepoint;
  • Comfortably navigating the OneDrive and SharePoint interfaces;
  • Utilizing the sharing and collaboration capabilities of these programs;
  • Managing, syncing and securing your documents.


Discover the applications
Introduction to OneDrive and SharePoint
group Workshop with a trainer
arrow_triangle-right_alt 17 accompanying videos
90 minutes
150 minutes
Workshop 1: Discover the Applications

In this workshop, participants learn to differentiate between traditional networks in which computers connect to servers, and cloud computing which allows for increased collaboration and security. They discover the applications and their different capabilities and explore the new possibilities of sharing, both internally and externally.

Module 1: Introduction to OneDrive and SharePoint

Discover the unique relationship between SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Learn how to collaborate in Teams as well as across all Microsoft 365 applications in real time.

Module 1 Includes:

• 1.00 – Welcome to OneDrive Sharepoint Simplyclass
• 1.01 – Understanding the Cloud
• 1.02 – The difference between OneDrive & Sharepoint
• 1.03 – Synchronize OneDrive with your computer
• 1.04 – Choose which folders to synchronize
• 1.05 – File syncing conflicts with OneDrive
• 1.06 – Sharing files & folders internally
• 1.07 – Sharing team files (in SharePoint) with external collaborators
• 1.08 – File sharing options with OneDrive
• 1.09 – Collaboration using comments
• 1.10 – Documents “shared with me” in OneDrive
• 1.11 – Documents “shared with us” in OneDrive
• 1.12 – The importance of link sharing in OneDrive & SharePoint
• 1.13 – Explanation of the icons (cloud, check marks, etc.)
• 1.14 – Introduction to the SharePoint interface
• 1.15 – Sync SharePoint and Teams with your computer
• 1.16 – Create and open your files

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