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Google Sheets Efficlass Level 2

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Become an expert in the various tools and functions of Google Sheets. Increase your efficiency, your professionalism and your pleasure in using it.


This second level of our Google Sheets program covers all the different topics of the application with an increased level of difficulty. The learning of more advanced features will allow for the solving of complex problems in record time. Participants completing Level 2 of this program will be equipped with a complete toolbox and will see their efficiency improve greatly. They will enjoy using the application more. They will become professional and motivated Excel users, ready to face most of the problems encountered in the workplace.

“Google Sheets Efficlass Level 2” is divided into five main thematic modules and aims to help the participants become versatile and efficient users. More complex functions, such as SUMIF, SUMIFS and VLOOKUP are covered from all angles to help the participants master them perfectly. This level also opens the doors to pivot tables, a powerful analysis tool.

Currently, this Google Sheets course is only offered as an online instructor-led workshop. The workshops consist mainly of learning concepts and tools through practice, guided by an expert who will also be available to answer questions. They are unique, structured and motivating.

Our free 20-minute assessment lets us see exactly at which level the future participant is, and also in which modules the participant’s weaknesses lie. For groups, we provide an evaluation report that highlights strengths and weaknesses in the various topics of our Google Sheets development plan,
allowing you to choose the most appropriate training plan.


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  • Being efficient and versatile when faced with multiple complex problems
  • Producing analyses in record time with pivot tables
  • Several intermediate functions such as SUM.SI.ENS(), SEARCHV(), NB.SI(), SI(), etc.
  • Essential concepts, such as working effectively with dates
  • Tools such as data validation that will help you produce professional documents


Essential tools and concepts
Functions for professionals
Pivot tables and graphs
Workshop with instructor
Workshop with instructor
Workshop with instructor
120 minutes
120 minutes
120 minutes

Google Sheets Efficlass Level 2

Workshop 1: Essential Tools and Concepts
  • Essential shortcuts and tools to improve your efficiency
  • Relative, absolute, mixed references and names
  • Working efficiently with dates
  • Data validation and conditional formatting
Workshop 2: Essential Tools and Concepts
  • Learning to automate calculations with complex functions
  • Mastering VLOOKUP, SUMIF, SUMIFS, IF, and more
  • Linking documents with IMPORTRANGE
  • Data validation, logical tests and checkboxes
Workshop 3: Essential Tools and Concepts
  • Using conditional formatting to improve your data presentation
  • Analyzing data effectively with pivot tables
  • Creating graphs to present your analyses visually


5.0 240 reviews

  • Avatar Jeffrey Vaillancourt ★★★★★ il y a 10 mois
    This was a very useful training! I have feel I am more productive with the skills I picked up in this course. Benoit was great and very personable.
  • Avatar Corinne Dulude ★★★★★ il y a 9 mois
    François is knowledgeable and understood what I needed in the one-on-one hour I won with him. Can't wait to practice all the best practices I've learned. Thank you!
  • Avatar Chris Wonnell ★★★★★ il y a 10 mois
    Francois and Improov helped me stay organized professionally (Gmail), and understand how to use Google Drive. The virtual training sessions were clear, concise, and informative. I would recommend training with Improov.

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