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Video Conference eLearning

  • Learn online while still being part of a group.
  • Live interaction with the teacher.
  • A good alternative to in-person classes.

Attend a Class

  • Bring your laptop or notebook and join a group in person.
  • Select a time and location that is convenient to you.
  • Guidance from the teacher as well as from others attending the class.

Team Masterclass

  • Learn with your business team.
  • In-person classes.
  • Minimum of 6 persons.

WhoIs this program for?

  • Sales and marketing professionals who want to stand out to their target audience.
  • Any representative or consultant who wishes to optimise their prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • Managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs who are looking for creative ways to use LinkedIn to do business and reach the right people.

Program overview

Module 1

Relationship-based selling

Learn why, in relationship-based selling, LinkedIn generates more than 80% of concluded opportunities so you can take advantage of it for your business.

    • Identify the 3 steps of relationship-based selling
    • Recognize the value of LinkedIn for your business
    • Define opportunities that match your needs
    • Realize the span of relationship-based selling on the International market

Module 2

Match Your intention to Your target audience

Precisely determine your professional intention on LinkedIn and your target group so your digital strategy is consistent.

    • Learn the 5 main intentions of LinkedIn users
    • Choose only one among those intentions
    • Identify the advantages to precisely target your audience
    • Define 3 characteristics of your target group’s persona

Module 3

Master all functionalities

Discover the influence of LinkedIn’s algorithm on your user experience so you can use it to your advantage.

    • Identify the algorithm’s priorities
    • Learn the 6 elements of the newsfeed
    • Understand the value of LinkedIn for your business
    • Learn the 2 rules of a successful connection
    • Learn the shortcuts that allow to optimize LinkedIn’s inbox
    • Know who produces content, why and how
    • Differentiate and determine notifications that are useful for your business

Module 4

Display Expertise using Expert profile

Learn to complete all of your LinkedIn profile sections to support your expertise and stand out to your intended audience.

    • Efficiently display your expertise and professionalism
    • Create your first banner with Canva
    • Identify best practices and those you should avoid
    • Create an enticing title and an effective summary
    • Know the 3 reasons to have business LinkedIn page
    • Identify 3 most relevant competences with your intention
    • Understand how to request and give recommendations

Module 5

Develop A network that Truly helps

Learn how to build a powerful business network made of committed people to help with your visibility on LinkedIn.

    • Develop a network that really helps your business
    • Understand the difference between a big network and a good network
    • Learn the different communication sequences
    • Learn how to optimize your engagement in 5 steps
    • Understand how LinkedIn searching tools work
    • Know the 6 elements of a good connection message
    • Create your first connection message and save it

Module 6

Create Strong posts to Reach your target

Learn how to publish engaging and relevant content to display your specific knowledge and competences.

    • Understand the organic reach still accessible on LinkedIn
    • Know the current publication trends
    • Explore subjects that resonate with your target audience
    • Differentiate the types of content (article, post, event, live and groups)
    • Learn the 6 mediums of publication and their priority in the algorithm
    • Know the editorial rules specific to LinkedIn
    • Identify the 6 elements of a complete publication
    • Discover practical tips to help with publication

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benefits of this training program

  • Better networking
  • Better use of the platform
  • Increased opportunities
  • More precise targeting
  • Display expertise

Program rollout

Week Module Subject Duration Format
1 Module 1 Relationship-based selling 90 minutes
Module 2 Match Your intention to your Target audience
2 Module 3 Master All functionalities 90 minutes
Module 4 Display Expertise using Expert profile
3 Module 5 Develop A network that Truly helps 90 minutes
4 Module 6 Create Strong posts to Reach your target 90 minutes

Increase your notoriety, create enticing publications and convert your time investment into paying clients!

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What our clients have to say

Program coaches

David Cantin

Passionate about communication and social interactions, David worked as a special needs teacher for more than 10 years. He’s always been interested in communication tools and platforms so LinkedIn quickly became his favorite.


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