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Video Conference eLearning

  • Learn online while still being part of a group.
  • Live interaction with the teacher.
  • A good alternative to in-person classes.

Attend a Class

  • Bring your laptop or notebook and join a group in person.
  • Select a time and location that is convenient to you.
  • Guidance from the teacher as well as from others attending the class.

Team Masterclass

  • Learn with your business team.
  • In-person classes.
  • Minimum of 6 persons.

Who Is this program for?

  • Anyone working with highly sensitive data at work.
  • People who receive a lot of emails from unknown sources.
  • Anyone who wants to know how to spot online fraud.
  • Anyone who wants to secure their business operations .

Program overview

Module 1

Attacks’ magnitude and their targets

Understand the stakes of the attacks and the range of victims. Learn more about the value of your personal data.

    • Understand the value of your personal data
    • Identify the different targets
    • Become aware of the user’s responsibility

Module 2

Origins of these attacks

Discover the tools used by cybercriminals to attack you. Develop useful habits to avoid intrusions into your devices.

    • Identify different threat sources
    • Create effective habits to keep yourself safe
    • Learn how to safely use your softwares

Module 3

Different Types of attacks

Discover the different types of attacks and how to identify them.

    • Identify the types of attacks
    • Know the right attitude to adopt
    • Get advices about protection

Module 4

Tips To stay safe

Learn to use your tools in an efficient and safely manner. Create useful habits to avoid frauds.

    • Use social medias while staying protected
    • Create secure passwords
    • Identify fraudulent websites

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Become a Pro at identifying potential attacks and learn the best techniques to work safely and protect your data!

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