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We Care About Your efficiency

With IMPROOV, you get the performance training your organization needs, based on the objectives you set. We achieve beyond expectations both online and in person.

We’ve been carefully crafting our training programs since 2010 to give you the best techniques and provide the optimal mindset to learn quickly and efficiently. The benefits are clear: we empower the individual and the professional sides of your business altogether.

Here is our outstanding value to you:

  • The best teachers and coaches
  • Rich and motivating approach
  • Clear and concrete value
  • Value exceeds investment
  • Quality learning material
  • Competitive pricing
  • Hands-on, practical approach
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Why Improov Learning
Pays Off

We are coaches and trainers because we care about your success and the success of your employees. Nothing less, nothing more.

We are human first, but geared to tackle business challenges, change management, and individual challenges through behaviour change, some of them are really common, like using common functions and features of your office software. It’s all about making small daily tasks matter, and get through them smoothly.

We are about improving the office experience, fun, accomplishment and performance at work.


Lyne Bourret

Recognized as an inspiring trainer and coach with a contagious smile, Lyne is the exceptional trainer everyone wants to have. Her experience in the training, personal development, leadership, and coaching fields as well as the development of teaching materials dates back to more than 20 years ago. Her listening skills and extraordinary pedagogy will allow all participants to be in good hands for their learning course.

Benoît Parent

Of a jovial nature, he knows how to captivate and reach out to all participants by making sure to adapt his content and his energy to his interlocutor. With 28 years of experience in the public sector and realizing his dream of being a certified trainer, Benoit takes every hour spent developing and improving our mobility training to heart. We are proud to have an iPhone and technology expert on our team.

Geoffroy Chapleau

Expert in Excel training since 2013 and consultant in business process improvement, Geoffroy has helped hundreds of students in their development with Excel and multiple organizations to streamline their business processes. His approach with Excel: understand the software in depth, use it to simplify repetitive tasks and to clarify and standardize processes.

Marie Brouillet

A coaching expert with 25 years of experience in the training, entrepreneurship and support fields, Marie is an exceptional woman who understands exactly the context of an entrepreneur and business. With Marie, you will be able to understand exactly the needs down to the smallest detail to ensure the perfect training for you and your team. Her advice will help you find exactly how to ensure the effectiveness of your teams by choosing the right tools.

Marie-Claude Noël

With her experience in the training field, as well as her impressive background in sales and customer service, you will find in Marie-Claude an advisor whom you can trust for the rest of your life. She will be designated person to answer your questions, understand the real needs of your business and ensure an exceptional learning journey for all participants. Marie-Claude is the missing piece of your company to find the tools to achieve the professional efficiency of your teams.

Karyne Boudreault

Being in the customer service business for over 15 years, Karyne will always be available to make your experience exceptional. Her heart and dedication are entirely directed to coordinating and planning in detail the different elements of your learning journey to ensure a different experience in its simplicity, authenticity, and efficiency. Select your courses and let yourself be guided by her enthusiasm and professionalism.

Trainer and Coach

François Sauro – Founder

Efficiency + office tools

Francois Sauro is a natural born motivator and grew up with an ongoing search for efficiency at work.

He’s been an office manager for more than 10 years, during which personal and family challenges would rise up and give him a profound desire to help to a broader personal emancipation in the workplace.

Francois talent is to inspire, guide, share, and help each and everyone about our daily sense of productivity. Of course there is mastery of time and tools at work, but also of our personal objectives and mission, all of which are basic human needs.

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