We care about your efficiency.

With IMPROOV, you get the performance training your organization needs, based on the objectives you set. We achieve beyond expectations both online and in person.

We’ve been carefully crafting our training programs since 2010 to give you the best techniques and provide the optimal mindset to learn quickly and efficiently. The benefits are clear: we empower the individual and the professional sides of your business altogether.

Here is our outstanding value to you:

  • The best teachers and coaches
  • Rich and motivating approach
  • Quality learning material
  • Hands-on, practical approach
  • Clear and concrete value and impacts
  • Value guaranteed to exceed investment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Blended learning gets you the best of both worlds!

On one side, you get the best trainers and coaches, working with you directly and addressing key issues, such as daily obstacles and challenges with your office software and management priorities.

On the other, you can improve online continuously, at your pace, and check-in with your coach whenever an issue or question arises. You may also leap forward and start using the pro features right away!

We are coaches and trainers because we care about your success and the success of your employees. Nothing less, nothing more.

We are human first, but geared to tackle business challenges, change management, and individual challenges through behaviour change, some of them are really common, like using common functions and features of your office software. It’s all about making small daily tasks matter, and get through them smoothly.

We are about improving the office experience, fun, accomplishment and performance at work.

Our most common office tools productivity functions are being used no more than 30% on average.

By learning the shortcuts and workarounds, but also the power tools, IMPROOV makes it possible to do more, way more in the same amount of time.

It’s not only tools: Being productive is a constant mindset, and automation of tasks paired with the best management practices makes perfect. Email, interruptions, and scattering of information are all aspects that can be trained and provide a better work environment and performance.


Efficiency + office tools

Trainer and Coach

Francois Sauro is a natural born motivator and grew up with an ongoing search for efficiency at work.

He’s been an office manager for more than 10 years, during which personal and family challenges would rise up and give him a profound desire to help to a broader personal emancipation in the workplace.

Francois talent is to inspire, guide, share, and help each and everyone about our daily sense of productivity. Of course there is mastery of time and tools at work, but also of our personal objectives and mission, all of which are basic human needs.

Today he’s got a whole team dedicated to this mission, to get better at work, both inside and out! We really hope to give you the best of what we learned and make you feel great about the work where you spend so much time and effort.